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“As a new instructor of young children in our karate school, I have found “Kicks With Kids” to be extremely helpful in a broad range of topics from strategizing class plans and dealing with behavior issues, to communicating with parents. I particularly like the real life examples and suggestions that Sensei Michelle provides throughout the book. The book is clear, concise and easy to read.

I recommend it to anyone (not just martial artists) who shares an interest in teaching children.”


- Sensei Sarah Chambers

Riverview, Florida


"Some humans are given gifts. A rare human uses these gifts for the greater good.  Rarer still is the one who communicates and shares these skills with others.  Sensei Michelle Darbro uses her teaching skills and understanding of children to their greatest potential.  How she imparts the information is what makes Kicks With Kids unique.

Sensei Darbro’s focus is on the character development of the child.  By implementing her strategies and ideas, children develop a love of exercise, a beginning understanding of karate and a chance to grow up with a courteous attitude and genuine self confidence.

With more than twenty years in the field, Sensei Darbro’s knowledge of the subject is extensive. Her spirit and sincerity are contagious and She willingly shares her personal experiences as examples. By taking the seminar and implementing the ideas in her book you will become a better teacher."

- Sensei Jackie Kan

I have worked with Sensei Michelle and her Kicks with Kids method for over 6 years. Having read her book, I apply some of her discipline methods, games, and reward ideas. My student longevity has increased.  The students seem to stay interested and have pride in their accomplishments. The Kicks with Kids plan of teaching, and Sensei Michelle’s support over the years has exceeded my expectations and helped make my children’s program a success.


- Walter Shmalenburger

Peachtree City, GA

In a teaching career spanning over thirty years, I have delivered instruction to students ranging from elementary school to college, reaching literally thousands of students. My experience has taught me that, while the body of knowledge imparted may be the same for all ages, the techniques used to impart that knowledge must be age-appropriate, and therefore radically different for each age bracket. Sensei Michelle Darbro has designed a program which differentiates among the target age groups while maintaining a consistency of purpose throughout. Whether dealing with behavior issues or using manipulatives in age-appropriate ways, her consistent goal is the development of children who:

·         experience a joy in exercise which will accompany them into adulthood

·         respect themselves and others, and recognize the worth of an honest effort

·         recognize the validity of difference as a positive component of the human experience

Sensei Darbro has used her vast and successful experience to create a total curriculum. Her book includes both pedagogical rationale and practical lesson plans; examples drawn from her own teaching and tips which help the teacher to get results. Her video shows the program with real students, allowing the viewer to virtually experience her techniques better than words can tell about them. And the flash cards help ease a new teacher into best practices, while also aiding the experienced instructor on a busy schedule.

People who have been privileged to know Sensei Darbro, and to see her results over time, often exclaim over her teaching, “Don't you wish you could bottle it?” In Kicks with Kids she has done just that.

- Sensei Maureen O’Rourke