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The following is an excerpt from the book "Kicks With Kids":

Constant reminders are needed to keep the learning process intact. Consequences will occasionally be necessary, but refocusing the child's attention is the best way to encourage them to learn. Regularly students will push the boundaries, testing the teacher's limits and what behaviors will be allowed. For example, the child might continue to touch the child beside him. The plan that should be established for dealing with interruptions needs to be consistent and administered without anger.

 When refocusing the child is ineffective, an individual time-out technique must be utilized. For young children, keep time-outs no longer than the span of one game station. The game stations are listed in the Class Content chapter. A time-out will last no longer than three to five minutes.

 This Excerpt is from Kicks with Kids, Martial Arts for the Very Young. Chapter 1, Page 6.

Michelle Darbro